What can happen and what to watch out for

  1. The shower tray with built-in NELA shower exchanger is not intended for use as a sink.
    Below you will find pictures of the heat exchanger, which became clogged immediately after installation… due to the fact that after finishing the shower enclosure, its surface was showered, and probably not only that …. in the picture you can see the NELA shower exchanger clogged with remnants of masonry and tiling work. And you can also see a picture of the heat exchanger after cleaning its contents… is like new.
  2. It is also a good idea to pay attention to choosing a suitable siphon that will catch dirt and residue when showering.
  3. If after completing your house, you do the so-called Blower door test, then it is necessary to disconnect the NELA shower exchanger from the waste. If there is a pressure difference (atmospheric in the waste and vacuum in the house), the heat exchanger cover may come loose.