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Shower heat exchanger NELA

Economical showering The water temperature used for showering is usually 37-40°C . This temperature goes down by only 3 degrees before the water reaches the sewage system. Thus, about 90% of the energy used for water heating is uselessly wasted in the drain (assuming the temperature of the incoming tap water is about 10 oC). […]

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About us

Hello, my name is Ivan Sakal. I deal with the construction and production of special heat exchangers, used to recover energy from the waste-water. Process does not require pre conditioning or filtering of the dirty water, heat is transferred directly to the clean input water. Recovered energy saves considerable amount of heating costs. Based on […]

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NEW – economic shower heat exchanger NELA

By end of the year 2013 we have introduced brand new product – Economic shower heat exchanger NELA. It is already the second version of the successful small bathroom heat exchanger, which is often used for its economic and ecological parameters. If you are thinking about reconstruction or brand new house build, the Economic shower […]

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